MI Airline announces Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) roll-out of Tablet On Board Patent after confirmation European Patent Office


The Hague, The Netherlands — 23 November 2012.

The European Patent Office has confirmed the novelty on the worldwide patent application of MI Airline, dating back to January 2011. This confirmation is the beginning of MI Airline’s worldwide patent deployment.
MI Airline CEO, Job Heimerikx, explains:
"During the past two years, MI Airline has developed the most robust, state-of-the-art communication technology available for off-line operations via tablets at 32.000 feet. The unique MI Airline commercial solution is available to deploy tablets for airline Cabin Crews around the world. The patent application, confirmation and publication is part of our overall IP strategy, it is a significant milestone for MI Airline, and important for companies engaged in this type of technical development".

MI Airline

MI Airline is an international airline technology company based in The Netherlands. MI Airline offers an integrated solution for Point-of-Sale, on-board Payments and Passenger Insight: Connected Crew. This on-board product for Cabin Crew is offered, online and offline, on mobile devices.

The Connected Crew application is designed to:
1. Improve on-board business for airlines
2. Provide Passenger Insight to the crew so they can provide optimal service
3. Increase Cabin Crew productivity

Connected Crew offers an (ever) growing set of modules and the choice to deploy airline specific functionality. Highly flexible, device agnostic and so secure that the airlines can even deploy the application on the crew’s personal devices (“Bring Your Own Device”). Connected Crew is built on a technical architecture that creates maximum flexibility and a future proof basis for new applications and devices. The Connected CrewPlatform is specifically built for communicating information to airline crew with the aim of creating a system that can be easily managed. All of this is highly secured without extensive MDM tooling, and as cost efficiently as possible regarding maintenance and communication costs.