MI Airline Announces Worldwide Patent Publication for Airline Tablet Usage

MI.Airline Announces Worldwide Patent Publication for Airline Tablet Usage

The Hague, The Netherlands — 14 June 2012.   

A worldwide patent application, dating back to January 2011, has been confirmed for publication for software company, MI.Airline, member of the MI.Group based in The Netherlands.


This patent covers flight attendant usage of iPads, tablets or smart devices inflight for internal crew communication, onboard payment processing and ancillary sales.

Mi.Airline CEO, Job Heimerikx, explains their unique product:

“Our modular, scalable and cloud-based communication platform (aka Connected Crew) enables airlines to empower their mobile workforce with enhanced execution of preflight, inflight and postflight processes. Connected Crew is able to provide thousands of multiple users with secure, up to date information, even in locations with limited connectivity, without creating a massive burden on the legacy systems.” Despite being a young software company, MI.Airline has more than fifty years of airline experience on the executive team.

Any organization considering development, implementation and deployment of onboard tablets/smart devices for payment processing, secure data access, and communications within the airline industry, should be aware that this patent application has been filed for all countries in Europe, Asia and The United States. MI.Airline is currently in discussions with several major carriers who are interested in integrating this state-of-the-art technological platform. For more information please contact us.